The festive mood has kicked in already, and this means FOOD! haha. Bhajia is a definite go to during this time because it is one of those foods that can be prepared in large quantities for family and friends. I decided to add some onion rings as well just to make it more interesting and merrier. Make this for your family this season by following my very easy recipe and I promise, you will love it!





  1. chick pea flour ( Suraj brand)
  2. onions ( Cut small and rings)
  3. sliced potatoes
  4. Cilantro ( Cut small)
  5. Green chillies
  6. 3 cups of water
  7. Salt ( To taste)
  8. Crushed pepper ( To taste)
  9. Cumin seeds ( 1 pinch)
  10. coriander powder ( I teas spoon)



  1. Soak your potatoes in salt water for 20 minutes separately to make them soft.
  2. Make your bhajia mix by adding all the ingredients and stirring. Stir until even, and until you get that pancake consistency.

20151208_175456     3.Keep adding salt and chillies to taste

     4.After 20 minutes, your potatoes are ready. Place some oil in your pan on high heat and wait for it to heat up.

     5.Dip your potatoes and onions in the chick pea paste and let them sit and soak for 5 minutes, then start frying them until you get the desired brown colour.

     6.Drain the oil and serve.


To Serve:

  1. Have with Ketchup or hot sauce. Add some vegetables like I did on mine to have with it. ENJOY!

                                                     Photos taken by owner of the blog




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