Yes, I took some time off. It was somewhat deliberate, and yet again to draw inspiration. It was during this time that I actually recognized the fact that I have really learnt a lot from my blogging experience and how it still stands as one of the best decisions I have made yet. Also, I embraced the idea that writing this would be a great way of getting in touch with my niche as well as all the foodies out there. So I hope this will assist somebody out there in the same blogging journey, as well as let people in on who and what ‘Dish with Trysh’ is really about…

So here goes the 5 main things that I have learnt:


If there is something that changed greatly once I began putting my work out there, is meeting of new people. You cannot imagine how many people that share that exact passion and interest as you exist in the world. The internet is flooded with knowledgeable people, as well as other websites to learn from. This has really opened my eyes to various opportunities, and just being among-st these people is amazing. I got to join The Food Bloggers of Canada, which houses more that 2000 food bloggers! With this, came the opportunity to share recipes, receive criticism and grow as a community.



It’s simple, I sucked at taking pictures! And maybe to the professional photographers out there, I still do. But hey, I am improving. With blogging, came the need to learn and know how to take better pictures. Food photography in itself is a fast growing industry, as you all see that it is what floods up our Instagram and Facebook time lines every now and then, from the ice creams and cake pictures that have us consider buying some, to the hamburger ones that render us hungry even after having a hearty meal. It is simple, concept and lighting, plus a good camera of course. 



I had initially considered hiring a website specialist to help with creating Dish with Trysh and also help with designing it, but resolved to doing it on my own. Honestly, I am glad I did that, for since then, it has been an endless journey of constant learning and apprenticeship. I however must admit, it was not easy considering I had no prior knowledge nor experience when it came to such. I was in fact hearing some of the terms for the first time, like SEO,  Plugins etc. So I took that fact as a challenge, and through that, I was able to educate my self on a lot, and I still do. There is still so much more to learn, and I love it!



This had initially proved to be a struggle for me, but I gradually picked up as time went by. I bought a note book that was to be used to pre-plan for my blog posts. I decide to always have two posts as back up. I mean, this was, and still is not easy for as human beings, we sometimes run out of ideas or just lack motivation to go ahead with what we plan to do. This whole planning has taught me a lot on procrastination, consistency and organization; which not only applies to my blogging, but to my life in general. I am a more organized individual now. Go me!



Nothing comes easy.I thank God I knew this way before I started this blog. It is somewhat inevitable to start your own blog, or business and not want to go viral almost immediately. That need to get to a million views on you tube or 3 million likes on Instagram overnight is what has really made some of the best bloggers to lose their personality and content. It takes patience and most of all, persistence to get there. Also, being a Christian has also played a big part in my blogging journey for I remember to leave it to God and pray hard especially during those time when i feel discouraged by not receiving the audience that I expected. I finally must say, It works!



Thank you so much, feel free to shoot questions directly to my Facebook page.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/dishwithtrysh/






  1. Chemutai says:

    Hey Patricia, i love this blog post. its my first time on your blog (so ashamed of my life, haha) but honestly I’m so inspired.
    I have been thinking of doing a blog, for the longest and this is probably what i needed to hear. thank you!

    seriously Fannin’ out on you gurl!

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