Indian restaurants and food joints are a growing business, especially here in North America. This is due to their versatility in their recipes and their creativity in food preparation and presentation. I have been dining in some of  the ‘best’ locations here in Winnipeg, and I must say it has been quite an experience.

I however,  always go for the biryani whenever I visit these Indian joints and maybe some of their special curries, but Biryani all the way!!!  Be it chicken, beef or shrimp. Clay oven for me, has offered that top notch culinary experience. 

So we had their lamb curry which came with some vegetable rice, some naan bread, and the chicken biryani. The lamb was perfectly cooked, as the spices were just correct and was served in a small bowl. The taste of the biryani was something I had been longing to experience especially  after sampling a couple from outside. The chicken was cut in small chunks, which aided in beautiful presentation.

What I also loved about it, is that it wasn’t as dry. I could feel the moistness, which makes it okay to have it as an only meal, without any accompaniment. It was also creative of them to add a couple of raisins on there, which I think gave it a more fluttering taste.

Overall, the service was great as the restaurant buzzed with excited energy and was comfortably full with seemingly satisfied patrons.


 I would therefore totally recommend Clay oven for the best Biryani!! 🙂