It’s the jolly and the very merry spending season people! Presents, presents, and more presents ( I’m sure you can tell how excited I am) !! It is however, also the season when lots of cooking is done and almost everyone participates. So much fun, especially for those that are able to visit their grandparents and have a goat or cow slaughtered for Christmas. :-).

Well, despite all the merry making and the feasting, we should consider avoiding food wastage as it is the time when the extravagant mood kicks in :-). So I am came up with ways to curb this using by some of the common and everyday foods we have.





This is that first and last slice of bread that almost nobody eats and always ends up throwing out when the rest of the bread is done.

The best way of using this is to make Bread crumbs, to be used on chicken, fish,potato cutlets etc. Dry the bread in the oven until they get very hard and crusty then grind them in a blender and store.

This can be stored in ziploc bags and in the fridge for however long you want it to, and will most definitely come in handy this season. 



We are all guilty of excess carrots in our fridges, no lie. They sometimes overstay to the point that they begin to even grow. Well, say no more!

First off, you can blend the carrots, eggs, sugar and milk then mix with some flour to a smooth paste then bake it, and you have your carrot cake! This can be a good dessert idea this festive season, and who wouldn’t love home made cake with fresh carrots?

Also, you can cut them into thin slices and serve with dip as a starter. This one will make you stand out, trust me 🙂




Potatoes to me are very precious.Not to be thrown out. But I know the struggle of having too much to the point that some are begin to germinate. Fear not, for there are a thousand recipes and even easy fixes you try an impress your loved ones. Bhajia can be a good dish this time for it makes serves many, as well as potato cutlets. See my previous posts for these recipes and more.



This is one of those unavoidable instances where you sometimes have no control over. BANANAS! Well, you overwhelmingly buy a whole bunch but get sick of them, or even forget about them by the third day. They get dark in colour and you no longer can eat them. Fear not, for we are in this together!! Do not throw them, rather, freeze them.

They are able to be stored in the freezer for the longest period, despite the state they are in. You can use this to make banana smoothie or milkshake by just blending it with milk and adding some whip cream on top. 🙂 This can be had while watching your favourite Christmas movie with the family.



We sometimes cannot get over the whole issue of finding half and quarter cut vegetables in our fridges. Those onions that remain after making your sandwiches for work can still be put to good use my friend! Take all those onions, cut them and begin to fry them till they get very brown. Put them, together with a little oil in a container then use it later to make fried rice or pilau this season. ( Brown onions make the best Pilau).


I really hope this has been of help.

Thanks and Merry Christmas and a happy new year.



-Pictures taken from pinterest.



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