CHAPATI MADONDO – Kenyan flat bread and beans.

Let us admit it people…We all love Chapati madondo! In fact, I always feel some sense of betrayal when I have chapati with some other kind of sauce, say Beef stew for example rather than with madondo. Chapati and madondo (beans) belong together,as  they somehow just complement each other taste wise. Chapati is flat bread made from all purpose flour, while madondo is minimally stewed beans. This dish here i’d say is the heart  of Kenya, and still remains to be the most popular meal.

On my recipe today, I tried to make it as basic as possible exactly the way it was inherently prepared back home. You can however adjust it to your preference and still enjoy your chapati madondo.

Chapati madondo

Chapati madondo




  1. 2 cups all purpose flour
  2. 1 tea spoon of salt
  3. 2 tea spoons of sugar
  4. jug of water
  5. 1 cup of Vegetable oil


1 In a bowl, sieve the flour together with the sugar and salt then create a well in the middle.

2. Slowly start adding water at the center as you kneed. Continue to gradually add the water and/or flour until you achieve that smooth but not a sticky consistency.


3. Dust your counter, then transfer the dough and continue to knead for about 5 minutes then leave on the side for 10 minutes.

4. Roll out the dough in one big and round shape of  about 1 inch thick, smear some oil, then begin cutting long strands of equal sizes horizontally.

5. Roll in the strands of dough in a circular manner to form small folds as you put  them aside to let the dough settle. Leave them for 10 minutes.


6 Take your rolling pin again then start rolling out the small dough chunks one by one as you place them on a hot pan.


   Tip: You do not have to add more oil. The one you smeared on the raw dough is good enough.

7. Cook the chapati until it begins to brown on both sides. That is when you know that it is fully cooked.




Here, I used canned beans instead. 


  1. Beans
  2. Onions
  3. Salt
  4. Crushed onions


  1. Cook the onions in a pan with vegetable oil until they brown
  2. Add the crushed tomatoes and salt, cover, then let it simmer for about five minutes to alow the tomatoes to cook.
  3. Add the beans, stir, then cover once again. Add a little bit of water just to make it wet then letit cook.
  4. After about 4 minutes, your beans are ready.

To Serve:

  • No cutlery required, just cut a piece of chapati, use it to scoop the beans stew then swallow. That is the Kenyan way of having chapati madondo.
Chapati madondo

Chapati madondo