Hello people, I hope you are having a lovely week. Isn’t it just beautiful not to have to buy a cake for a loved one’s birthday but just have it made by you instead? Do it today and surprise him/her by incorporating your own style and design. Fondant offers that advantage of personalization. 










1. 1 kg of icing sugar

2. 1 kg of mash mellows

3. 1 small cup of water

4.3 scoops of chocolate butter cream icing 

5. 2 Already baked chocolate cakes

6. Yellow, Pink, Black and green icing colours





  1. Place one cake on top of the other ensuring they are properly levelled to avoid crumbling. 

20151104_0027442. Begin covering the whole cake with the chocolate icing to make it smooth ready for the fondant step, then put in the fridge for an hour to harden slightly.



  1. To make your fondant, put the mash mellows in a bowl, and microwave for 1 minute until they melt or feel free to add a few more seconds if need be. Test with a fork to get the right  consistency.


        2. Put the icing sugar in a bowl and begin kneading it with the melted mash mellows to make the fondant. Until smooth but not sticky. To achieve this, dust your work station                    with icing sugar.

20151104_111321          3. Divide the fondant in 1 big portion , and two small ones.

      4.Colour the bigger portion in pink using the icing colours and begin to roll it out until flat.  Do not make it too thick, as it will make the cake difficult to cut in the end.                                                                                          Tip: To get the right fondant size, use a string to measure out the cake then transfer it to the fondant.



                                                                         Tip: Coloured fondant is sensitive to light or any form of heat, therefore avoid too much exposure.

5.Take your cake out and carefully cover it with the rolled out fondant. Cut out the excess and use a small piece of dusted fondant to completely flatten it out.



           6.To the other portion of the cake, mix with  the black colour and  make the hello kitty whiskers and the eyes too. 

7.  To the third portion of the fondant, roll it out flat and use a knife to cut out the hello kitty face with the eyes and use a bit of water to stick it onto the cake. Make a ribbon that goes around the cake ( optional)


8. Continue decorating to your satisfaction !




                                                           Tip: Do not refrigerate the cake after it is done, rather store it in a cool dry environment to avoid cracking .


                                                                                                                                                      Enjoy. 🙂